Computer monitoring system

We can help the parents to know what their children are doing on their devices as well as owners can find out what the various employees are doing during the work, they are supposed to do.

Network Security Analysis

We help you in designing, implementing, and maintaining computers in Information Security Systems. We help you to detect any kind of suspicious or hostile activities and take a measure such as installing firewalls, defending against malicious attacks on the system.…

Employee Background check

We help you to find out about the employee's background including the likes of a criminal record before you provide him/her with a job. We make sure that you know the in’s and out’s of the employee before you offer…

Smartphone Monitoring

There may be cases where your phones are stolen or lost. We help you to find out who has it and also trace the last known location of the phone using our skills.

Website or Web Server Analysis

We also check for potential hackers and their related activities on your website. Thus allowing you to not take any kind of stress while you design a website.

Cheating Partner Investigation

We help you in finding out the secrets that your partner might be hiding from you. Your intuition may or may not be true but we make sure you have all the facts rightly sorted out before you make any…

Cryptocurrency Fraud Investigation

We provide you with the right knowledge on cryptocurrency and protect you from the potential chances of getting caught up in Fraud. We can also help you in future transactions and keep you safe from any kind of criminal activity.